Authority Fee Schedule

The Authority meets its administrative costs through collection of fees both at the time of financing and annually for the term of the debt. All expenses of a particular financing are paid by the borrowing institution, and may be financed as part of the project cost. Listed below is the current fee schedule of the Authority for both the initial and annual fees. 

Initial Fees:

Fee is to be paid at the time of closing.

20 basis points (.0020) on the first $5,000,000
10 basis points (.0010) on the next $5,000,000
5 basis points (.0005) on any amount greater than $10,000,001

Maximum Initial Fee is $50,000

For refunding of previously issued Authority debt, the Initial Fee will be 60% of the fees shown above.

Annual Fees:

Fee is to be paid annually on the outstanding principal balance at the financing anniversary date.
7 basis points (.0007) on the first $100,000,000
1 basis points (.0001) on any amount greater than $100,000,001

Additional Fees:

Other applicable fees of the Authority's financing team include, but are not limited to, Disclosure Counsel, Bond Counsel, Authority Counsel, Financial Advisor and Trustee. The Authority will provide estimates of these fees at any time to assist the Health Institution in evaluating its exposure for fees and costs.